Oils and solvents

White Anti-Seize Grease 20gr - STIL CRIN
Special white grease for weapons and choke tubes. It guarantees constant lubrication at low and high temperatures. Pack of 20 ml. Made in Italy
Instant Cold Burnisher 50 Ml - STIL CRIN
Excalibur cold liquid burnisher for metal surfaces. Ideal for touching up burnished metal parts of any weapon. Use:- Before applying the product, degrease the surface with any degreaser.
GunTec SPRAY Multisuo 200ML - LIQUI MOLY
Special high-adhesion spray oil, medium viscosity for the conservation and lubrication of weapons and metal components. It ensures optimum corrosion protection and forms a uniform, stable and particularly water-repellent oil film on the surface
GunTec weapon care oil 100 ml. - LIQUI MOLY
Gun-Tec special high-adhesion oil, medium viscosity for the preservation and lubrication of weapons and metal components. Optimal protection against corrosion and, thanks to excellent lubricating properties, prevents wear of moving parts and all lubrication points
GUNTEC GREASE 50 ML for weapon lubrication - LIQUI MOLY
For the lubrication of weapons, weapon parts and precision engineering components of all kinds. Also for the lubrication of components in the low temperature range and components subject to a large operating temperature range.